Assistant Director

Ms. CHICK Katie

BSc, MPhil., MSc, ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor, CQI Q Processing Generalist, IOIA / HKORC Organic Farm Inspector
   (852) 3917 4902

Katie is currently the Assistant Director of the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at the University of Hong Kong. Her expertise covers both heritage and nature conservation. She obtained her MPhil. and MSc degrees in ecology and architectural conservation respectively at the University of Hong Kong. She has been actively involved and in-charge in various rural conservation and community development projects in which her dual expertise can be fully practiced. Before joining the University, she had served local green NGOs for almost ten years and represented the NGO to present in different seminars and conferences on local, regional and international scale. Her research interests include rural sustainability, eco-agriculture, cultural landscape, tree and natural resource management.


Katie is a part-time educator teaching cultural heritage management and arboriculture in local tertiary institutions. She is also keen on community services. She is currently appointed as non-official member of the HKSAR Government’s ‘Personalized Vehicle Registration Marks Vetting Committee’ and ex-member of ‘Community Involvement Committee on Greening’. She is also the founding member of the Association for Conservation of Hong Kong Indigenous Languages and social enterprise

2009-2011The University of Hong Kong
MSc (with Distinction) in Architectural Conservation Programme
2002-2004The University of Hong Kong
M.Phil. in Ecology & Biodiversity
1998-2001The University of Hong Kong
BSc in Environmental Science
Professional & Community Services
2022-presentThe University of Hong Kong
Centre for Civil Society and Governance
Assistant Director
2016-2022The University of Hong Kong
Centre for Civil Society and Governance
Senior Project Manager
2014-2016The University of Hong Kong
Kadoorie Institute
Project Manager
2013-PresentHKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
Part-time Teacher


2009-2016The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Student Affairs Office
Part-time Instructor

HSBC Rural Sustainability


Selected Publication

Winnie Law, Katie Chick, Sianna Yiu, Debra Ling, Angel Ngan (2018), Vivifying Lai Chi Wo: Sustainable Lai Chi Wo Programme Four Year Review and Outlook. Policy for Sustainability Lab, Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong

H.L. Chick (2017), The Significance, Conservation Potential and Challenges of a Traditional Farming Landscape in an Asian Metropolis: a Case Study of Lai Chi Wo, Hong Kong. Paper and presentation in Proceedings of the First Capacity Building Workshop on Nature-Culture Linkages in Heritage Conservation in Asia and the Pacific (CBWNCL 2016). Agricultural Landscapes. (Eds: Ishizawa, Maya, Inaba, Nobuko and Yoshida, Masahito). Journal of World Heritage Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan: University of Tsukuba. Pp. 26-32

H.L. Chick (2012), Farming waterbirds on agricultural wetland – a farming landscape management project in Hong Kong to conserve biodiversity. Abstract and presentation in The 2nd Asia Regional Conference of the Society for Conservation Biology – Asia Section. Society of Conservation Biology, Bangalore, India.

H.L. Chick (2011), Understanding the Transformation of a Traditional Agricultural Landscape in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Long Valley. MSc dissertation, The University of Hong Kong.

H.L. Chick & Billy, C.H. Hau (2006), Capacity Building in training local villagers to be ecotour guides – a case study at Long Valley, Hong Kong, China. Paper and presentation in Proceedings of the 2nd Southeast Asian Natural Resources And Environmental Management Conference – Sustainable Development Towards Better Quality of Life (Eds : Abdullah, M.H. , Latip, M.A., Atong, M., Wan, V.L., Musta, B., Dayou, J., Eng, S.H., Radojevic, M.), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Pp 164 – 173

H.L. Chick (2004), Direct seeding of native species for reforestation on degraded hillsides in Hong Kong. M.phil. thesis, The University of Hong Kong.

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