Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr. TSOI Joyce

PhD in Environmental Management and Sustainability (HKU), MSc DIC.in Environmental Engineering (UK), BEng. (Hons) in Chemical Engineering (UK)

Dr. Joyce Tsoi is the Honorary Senior Lecturer of Sustainability Leadership and Governance Program  and the Director of Collective Action at the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). She is a semi-academic who aspires to serve both the industry and academic community at large. She teaches on the “Management Systems and Auditing” course and Decision Making in the Value Chain Management course.

As an industry practitioner, she spearheads SAC’s Decarbonization Collective Action Strategy and program activities to drive science-based target adoption, develop collective action insights,  solutions and engagement across SAC membership, value chain and ecosystem partners to accelerate GHG reduction efforts required to achieve our aspirational goals together: 45% GHG emissions reduction in line with Science Based Targets by 2030 to combat climate change. She brings over 20 years of diverse global experience across multiple industry sectors including apparel and footwear, electronics, hardgoods, home goods, food and beverage, home goods and toys industries in Europe, US and Asia. She spearheaded key supply chain sustainability program for Global Brands. She’s actively involved in driving corporate and industry sustainability strategies and efforts through the adoption and verification of Higg Index tools, global wastewater compliance program, science-based target program, energy efficiency and renewable energy program aiming to improve the environment, workers and communities and build climate resilience. 


She is a passionate supporter of education, she believes a love of learning should be encouraged where students are inspired and empowered to make a difference.


University of Hong Kong (PhD)

Imperial College London, University of London (MSc, DIC)

University College London, University of London (B.Eng Hons)

Professional & Community Services

Research Fellow, Brunel Business School, Brunel University


SAC Decarbonization Program

Selected Publication

Innovation and sustainability in print-on-paper: a comparison of nanoparticle and deinking niches as emergent sociotechnical networks, May 2008 Journal of Cleaner Production 16(8-9):957-966

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