Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer

Dr. LAW Winnie

FHEA, MHKIQEP, PhD (HKU), MPlan & BPlan (Auckland)
   (852) 3917 7392

Dr Winnie Law is the Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer at the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of The University of Hong Kong. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on sustainable development, community planning and environmental management. She also works with a team of researchers and conducts policy research, action research and knowledge exchange projects on rural revitalization, social innovation, community engagement and corporate sustainability. Dr Law has been a director of the long established green green group in Hong Kong, The Conservancy Association, since 2005 and is currently the association’s Vice Chair. Dr Law served on a number of HKSAR Government’s advisory committees including Advisory Council for the Environment, Environment and Conservation Fund Committee, Board of Trustees of Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, and Assessment Panel of Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living. At the regional level, Dr Law was commissioned by the EU and UNDP as a planning and social monitoring expert for their city planning and environmental management programmes in Vietnam.

2000-2003The University of Hong Kong
PhD (Sustainable Urban Regeneration and Social Impact Assessment)
1999University of Auckland, New Zealand
MPlan (Merit)
 1995-1998University of Auckland, New Zealand
BPlan (1st Honour)
Professional & Community Services
2019-presentThe University of Hong Kong
Centre for Civil Society and Governance
Deputy Director and Principal Lecturer
 2016-2019The University of Hong Kong
Faculty of Social Sciences
Policy for Sustainability Lab
Associate Director and Principal Lecturer
 2008-2016The University of Hong Kong
Kadoorie Institute
Last position as Assistant Director and Principal Lecturer
 2003-2008The University of Hong Kong
Centre for Urban Planning and Environmental Management
Last position as Teaching Consultant
Selected Publication

Chu V.H.Y., Law W.W.Y., Williams J.M. (2022). Advocacy coalitions in rural revitalisation: the roles of policy brokers and policy learning, Environmental Science and Policy, 136: 9-18.

Lam W.F., Law W.W.Y., Leung, D. and Fok, K. (2022). Diagnostic Study for SME Sustainability Survey, Centre for Civil Society and Governance, Hong Kong.

Williams J.M., Chu V.H.Y., Lam W.F. and Law W.W.Y. (2021). Revitalising Rural Communities, SpringerBriefs on Case Studies of Sustainable Development, Singapore: Springer.

Law, W.W.Y., Yiu, S.I.S. & Chick, H.L. (2018). Vivifying Lai Chi Wo: Sustainable Lai Chi Wo Programme Four Year Review and Outlook. Hong Kong: Policy for Sustainability Lab

Fok, K.W.K. & LAW, W.W.Y. (2018), “City re-imaged: Multi-stakeholder study on branding Hong Kong as a city of greenery,” Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 206, pp. 1039-1051.

Xu, Q., Chen, J., Peart, M. R., Ng, C. N., Hau, B. C. H., and Law, W. W. Y. (2018), “Exploration of severities of rainfall and runoff extremes in ungauged catchments: a case study of Lai Chi Wo in Hong Kong, China Science of the Total Environment,” Science of the Total Environment.

Law, W. W. Y., Chow, W. C., Leung, T. H. D., et al (2019), “Public Engagement on Long-term Decarbonisation Strategy”, Public Engagement Document, commissioned by Council for Sustainable Development, 2018.

Chan, K.N., Kim, E.J., Lam, W.F., Law, W.W.Y. and Zhao, Z. (2017), “The Politics of Information Processing in Environmental Policymaking: Evidence from Hong Kong”, conference paper presented at 2017 Environmental Politics and Governance Conference, June 21-24, 2017, Indiana University, Bloomington, US.

“Environmental Strategy and Measure for Transformation of Development Mode in Eastern China,” Special Policy Study Report for China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, December 2012.

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