Hong Kong NGO Governance Health Survey 2018
  • By Kary
  • October 31, 2023
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Hong Kong NGO Governance Health Survey 2018

Effective governance is essential to the effectiveness of nonprofits and also the long-term development of civil society and the social sector. In recent years, board governance has taken on increasing importance in the spotlight in Hong Kong’s social service sector. Regarding the oversight of nonprofits, stakeholders and the general public are demanding more transparency, accountability and effectiveness.

The Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the Third-sector (ExCEL3) Project under the Centre has collaborated with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Governance and Management Excellence (GAME) for Public Benefit to develop a self-assessment tool for measuring governance health of NGOs, and to apply the tool to collect data for a landscape survey and analysis. Participating NGOs are offered an agency individual report in which they can find their self-assessment responses, and also relevant information which they could use to compare the governance health of their organizations with that of other participating NGOs of similar size, and to review various areas of governance practices. Further, group debriefing sessions tailor-made for NGOs of different sizes are organized to disseminate the landscape survey findings.

Download Hong Kong NGO Governance Health Survey 2018 findings: