Community Well-Being and Wholeness – the case of “Airside” at the Kai Tak Development Area
  • By Kary
  • October 31, 2023
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Community Well-Being and Wholeness – the case of “Airside” at the Kai Tak Development Area

Wholeness pertains to a way of life in which individuals freely pursue aspirations and goals which they treasure, meaningfully participate in community which they call “home”, and responsibly utilize and manage the natural and built environment which they take ownership of; individual pursuits, in turn, generate and enrich social and physical capital which makes the community stronger and the environment more sustainable. With wholeness in place, individual self-actualization and community prosperity are embedded within and reinforce each other.  “In Time Of” Programme – “Developing a Resilient City” is Nan Fung Group’s vision. It was launched in 2020 as the Group’s social co-creation and community engagement initiative aiming to connect people from all walks of life through social partnerships in sustainability, social design, and culture and arts. Based upon the concept of “wholeness”, AIRSIDE is keen to connect people, space, and nature as a way to attain community well-being and betterment for the Kai Tak Development areas and its neighbouring communities. The “In Time of” engagement programme was launched at AIRSIDE with a view to working with members of local communities to attain wholeness and, hence, community well-being.

We are engaged in developing a systematic and evidence-based impact measurement for the Airside Engagement Programme, and designing Collaborative Economy Scheme to help foster the community connection and co-create a unique community brand.